New Cisco AIR-CT2504-25-K9 Wireless Controllers - amtech system

New Cisco AIR-CT2504-25-K9 Wireless Controllers

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Series Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controllers
Product ID
Status End of Sale EOL Details 
End-of-Sale Date 18-APR-2018 Details
End-of-Support Date 23-APR-2023 Details
Release Date 08-APR-2011
Minimum access points: 5
Mobililty: L2 & L3
Cisco VideoStream: Yes
Max Number of access point groups: 30
Maximum access point: 75
Max Power consumption: 80W
HA with Client SSO: No - only N+1 HA
Guest anchor: Yes
Max Number of Flex Groups: 30
Central Mode (formerly Local Mode): Yes
Max WLANs: 16
Workgroup bridge: Yes
Datagram Transport Layter Security (DTLS): Yes
Maximum throughput: 1 Gbps
QoS: Yes
Max VLANs: 16
Maximum RF Tag support: 500
Maximum client support: 1,000
Form factor: Desktop
HA with AP SSO: No - only N+1 HA
Integrated Wireless Policy Engine: Yes
Radio Resource Management (RRM): Yes
Max Access Points per Group: 25
Bonjour Gateway: Yes
Flexconnect + mesh: Yes
Mesh: Yes
OfficeExtend: Yes
Rendundant power: No
Interfaces or network I/O: Four 1 GE
Access control lists (ACLs): Yes
FlexConnect: yes
Bi-directional rate limiting: Yes
Guest services (wired): Yes
Cisco Compatible Extensions Call Admission Control (CAC)/Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM): Yes
Rendundant fans: Built-in Fan
Link Aggregation Group (LAG): Yes
Application Visibility and Control (AVC): Yes
Guest services (wireless): Yes