Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise with 32 Core License, unlimited User CALs - amtech system

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise with 32 Core License, unlimited User CALs

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 – Enterprise Edition
This is the “per-core” License, supporting Servers with up to 32 Physical Cores.
Per-Core licenses comes with unlimited User CALs.
Language: US- English, license is good worldwide*. 

Brand New, Factory Sealed Box. US English Language.

Releasedate: 09. Oktober 2017

Experience breakthrough performance with SQL Server 2017 features

SQL Server 2017 is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft data platform history with features that increase performance, simplify management, and transform your data into actionable insights—all on a database that has the least vulnerabilities of any major platform.

Some of the new capabilities of SQL Server 2017:

  Build intelligent, mission-critical applications

  • Break free from Oracle
  • Always Encrypted
  • Real-time operational analytics
  • In-database analytics
  • PolyBase
  • And much much more. Check on the Internet, it has hours of reading about SQL Server 2017.


Automatic Tuning: While many database vendors have claimed to have self -tuning databases in the past, Microsoft has built intelligence into a set of self-tuning features in SQL Server 2017. Microsoft has learned a lot from supporting Azure SQL Database and identifying customer performance problems. Running a database service that services millions of databases allows for deeper insight into how customers use the product, and where their headaches are. They have taken that knowledge and combined it with the Query Store, a feature introduced in SQL Server 2016, which tracks query execution plans and runtime statistics. This allows the database engine to identify queries that have regressed in performance, and changed execution plans (the path the engine takes to get the query's data). If the engine determines that a change in plan has occurred, and the query has regressed in performance, the engine will revert to a previous plan.

"If it is 3 a.m. in the morning, Automatic Plan Correction helps mitigate performance issues due to plan regression scenarios without manual intervention," said Joe Sack, principle program manager at Microsoft. "Then when you come in that next morning you can look at see what happened and work on root cause analysis. " There a number of other optimizations in space in SQL Server 2017, focused on making problematic query operations go faster.

Graph Database: One of my favorite features is the introduction of a graph engine into SQL Server. Graph databases are commonly used to track relationships or hierarchies, a place where relational databases have struggled in terms of structure and performance. Graph databases are implemented via nodes (or vertices) and edges (or relationships). For example, you might say John is friends with Jane, and Jane is friends with Becky. While there have been a number of small graph database projects, many have not supported the SQL language, and integration with other systems. By bringing graph into SQL Server 2017, users can take advantage of native SQL, along with the new match operator to perform graph queries.