Biometric Face Reader Access Control Time Scanner Attendance Machine Code System - amtech system

Biometric Face Reader Access Control Time Scanner Attendance Machine Code System

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Biometric Facial Face Access Control Time Scanner Attendance Machine Electric Sensor Code System
General type access attendance system series A702, born with ''Provide More Effective & Convenient Access Control &Attendance.
Management for General Users' design philosophy and unique ''irreplaceable faces" features, has integrated latest face image+ V4.0 face recognition algorithm with powerful DSP processors. 
In addition, with the perfect fusion of patented "multiple light face recognition" technology and high performance processors.
This system achieves accurate attendance data by analyzing users' face features and it's becoming a ideal substitute for legacy fingerprint, smart card attendance terminals. 
Communication type access attendance system A702 series, with friendly GUI, 100% touchpad operation, vivid voice prompt, convenient web client management as well as 7*24 working endurance, is the best partner for enterprise users. 
Furthermore, active auxiliary illumination technologies make the systems strongly robust against light-changing environments;
It's the genuine "Outdoor" face recognition attendance system. 
As for the functionalities, self-studying intelligence, USB import/export, unlimited users support, multiple recognition modes,built-in powerful attendance management software, it provides a ''Convenient and Effective'' attendance management solution.

1. Latest face recognition algorithm:  Exclusive Face Image+ V4.0 algorithm, bound with ''multiple light face recognition technology'' and high performance DSP processor, excellent accuracy, fast analysis speed.
2. Genuine outdoor fitness:
First outdoor workable face recognition product on earth, superb adaptability for changing illumination; Robust against race, complexion, gender, facial expression, beard and hair style difference
3. 7*24 continuous working:
Human-harmless non-visible auxiliary light technologies, good performance regardless of day or night environment, 7*24 continuous working
4. Stable performance, low energy consumption:
High performance, low power consumption DSP adopted, sheer standalone operation, keep stable after long time working, auto-standby mode supported, energy saving and environment friendly
5. Easy to use, friendly user interface:
TFT touch screen, user friendly GUI, local operation supported, real-time display and vivid sound provided
6. Multiple recognition modes supported:
Face recognition only; ID number+ face recognition;
7. Self-studying intelligence:
Automatically synchronize time, capture face. Template self-studying also built in that makes face template database keep updating along with dynamic changes of hair style, complexion, and age and so on. Always store the most updated version of user information to make correct recognition.
8. Huge storage capacity, USB backup supported:
Large storage SD card embedded, USB massive storage device data import/export supported.

Other Practical Functions:
1. User capacity can reach 200 under 1:N mode.
2. Armed with an access controller, support install easy access rule.
3. Completely avoid flooding, do not need to install any software. Enter the Department personnel and other information on the arrangement for the machine, operating on the machine, the direct output of Attendance Report.
4. Supports a variety of self-test alarm: storage space alarm, anti-tamper alarm.

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1 x Face Access Control Time Scanner Attendance Machine
1 x Power Cable
1 x User Manual