Guide to design your board room or conference room in Pakistan

Pakistani office space is amazing rapidly and with the office environment, the office culture. Long gone are the large traditional board rooms to conduct meetings and the new breed of companies and the changing work culture has changed how we communicate within the office & outside. 
The new office space in Pakistan has not one large board-room but multiple smaller meeting rooms, huddle rooms and board rooms from where major company meeting takes place. 
Naturally, the focal point of every boardroom will be the table. This is where everyone gathers and sits around when you call an important meeting. There are certain things that decide if boardroom tables are good or not. Size is arguably the most important factor here. Is your table big enough to accommodate everyone? You don’t want people to have to bring in extra chairs and sit cramped around a tiny table. Plus, it would look absurd walking into a boardroom and seeing a small desk in the middle. No, your boardroom table has to be big, it’s essential. A big table can also command respect and up your reputation. The quality of your table is also vital. You can’t get something that looks like it was made in someone’s garage. If you’re going wooden, it has to be finely finished and look exquisite. For a more modern boardroom table, you have to ensure it matches the rest of your office. It wouldn’t make sense to have a modern boardroom table if the rest of your office is quite traditional and furnished with oak wood. Get the table sorted, and you’re halfway there.
Tip: gone for a smaller compact tables
Of course, going hand in hand with the table are the seats! You have to make sure you’ve got comfortable seating in your boardroom. Imagine having some big investors around and showing them a presentation in the room. But, they aren’t focussed because they’re so uncomfortable. They can’t stop squirming to get a comfortable seating position; they end up getting annoyed. Bad seats could cost you some big business. I know it seems a bit silly, but it’s a genuine concern. However, comfortable seating means people can relax while they’re in your boardroom. They can focus their full attention on what is being said. Remember, people could end up sitting down for a very long time in your boardroom. You may have important meetings that last hours, so it’s crucial you provide seating that is comfy.
Tip: Always go for comfortable seats
You have to make good use of technology in your boardroom. These days, it’s a must for businesses to have a digital projector in this room. With one of these, you can display graphics on a screen and single out important things. It’s important you have plenty of visual aids if you’re giving a big talk to some clients. I also think a projector is the best way to show multimedia clips as well. Perhaps you have a promotional video you want to display? With a digital projector, you can have it shown on a large screen. It’s much better than wheeling in a TV and having everyone squinting at it. Plus, it makes your company look tech savvy. People will be impressed that you’re using technology; it can help you out.
Display: InFocus DLP Projector or J-Touch Interactive Touch LED - remember to have wireless content sharing devices (try: InFocus Liteshow 4) 
Connectivity: Dedicated Wireless Router - at-least 1-2 MB CIR bandwidth
Communication: Polycom Audio Conferencing Device, Video Conferencing Solution,  VoIP Phone

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